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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Corporations Control Our Governments: Here’s How | Aaron Bastani meets Matt Kennard

Corporations Control Our Governments: Here’s How | Aaron Bastani youtu.be/vDsp2apG5zQ via
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Most of you will agree that corporations have undue influence over our democracies, but exactly how this influence is exerted is tricky to illustrate - and that is by design. Behind innocuous sounding acronyms and worthy sounding trade agreements are the real cogs that allow the global corporate machine to corrupt societies and our guest this week, Matt Kennard, has spent the last two years investigating these shady entities. In his new book, ‘Silent Coup’, he and co-author Claire Provost give us shocking examples of how corporations exert, expand and consolidate control over the lives of practically everyone. You can buy Matt's book here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/silent-... ____________________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month: https://novaramedia.com/support Buy Novara Media merch here: https://shop.novaramedia.com/