Saturday, September 18, 2010

Net Neutrality Update

Republished from 'the full buzz' at the The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

"Now the FCC has re-entered the picture with its September “further inquiry,” and done so with a deft touch. First, by seeking additional comments, the document makes it clear that its “NPRM” — a proceeding to craft rules to promote an open Internet that many thought the Comcast decision had derailed — is still alive. Exactly how any rules will be made is not discussed; instead, the FCC notes the areas where consensus has been reached: some conception of net neutrality is a good idea, at least on non-wireless platforms; that network practices should be disclosed; that net neurality shouldn’t preclude reasonable network management practices by ISPs; and that case-by-case, flexible adjudication beats lengthy and complex rules." -
From Jonathan Zittrain's blog post "Net neutrality: the FCC takes back the ball"

About Jonathan Zittrain:
(Bonus: All of the posts from Concurring Opinions' recent symposium on Professor Zittrain's "The Future of the Internet" can be found here.)

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