Thursday, April 14, 2011

The antidote to apathy

This TED Talk by Dave Meslin exposes seven parts of the the Social Matrix that create barriers to active participation, and challenges us to dismantle these barriers.
  • City Hall - Intentional Exclusion via Communications

  • Public Space - Price tag for freedom of expression, no unprofitable speech

  • Media - Distraction and Diversion, Discourages Engagement via neglect

  • Heroes - Chosen Heroes, voluntary, inglorious, collective, imperfect, uninvited

  • Political Parties - Uninspiring, uncreative, regurgitating, uncreative, exclusive

  • Charitable Status - no advocacy, no politics

  • Elections - Votes don't count

If people are selfish, stupid, and lazy, then there is no hope. Perhaps if we dismantle these obstacles; create transparency, open public dialog, re-imagine media, expect everyone to be heroic, create inclusive political parties, redefine charities, and reform elections; perhaps then people will be more selfless, intelligent, and engaged.

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