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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Now you can join Occupy San Diego


We are setting up a single master announce list for Occupy San Diego. This is the first email from this list.
The intention is to sent out about one email per day to give you the latest news and announcements we know about.
I think you'll agree we need to improve our communication. Your job is to check your email so you are informed.

So far, we have about 800+ subscribers.
To subscribe or unsubscribe go here: http://lists.citizensoversight.org/mailman/listinfo/occupysd
If you are not sure (i.e. if you get from a different list) please resubscribe (it can't hurt!)

If you have:
    > lists of emails that should be subscribed
    > events or notices that should be included
    > needs or wants to request from our supporters
    > specific requests for volunteers
SEND TO: raylutz@citizensoversight.org (Media Committee Member)
   and we'll work to get that information included in this daily update.

DISCLAIMER! Although we will do our best to make sure this list of events is accurate, changes may
occur frequently! Please check your email daily to make sure and also the various web sites.
(Listed at the bottom of this email).


51 Protesters arrested last night, supplies confiscated.
Police cleared both Civic Center Plaza and Children's Park toting billy clubs and riot gear.
Occupy San Diego is EXTREMELY disappointed at the illegal violation or our first amendment rights!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8514Fd21eQ -- POLICE ADVANCE
Video of actions by Occupy San Diego this morning:

We will be working to get these protesters released and our gear returned.


FRIDAY, 2011-10-28
Meet at 6 p.m. at Children's Park (Harbor Drive between First and Front Streets) and march by 7 p.m.  to the Civic Center.
The all night vigil will begin at 8 p.m. See below:

From Jerry N. Tomaszewicz, Jr., Executive Assistant to Secretary-Treasurer & CEO Lorena Gonzalez / Field Organizer
San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO

"As you may have heard, San Diego's Police Chief decided to crack down on Occupy San Diego Protesters last night - and raided the Civic Center Plaza. The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council will continue with our plans to bring attention to the economic crisis a majority of Americans are facing, by assembling at the Civic Center tonight!"

Occupy San Diego
San Diego Civic Center
1200 B Street (Intersection of 3rd and B Streets)

Stay as long as you can, but please be there at 8 p.m. Bring warm clothes, we will bring pizza and water.

MONDAY, 2011-10-31
Occupy San Diego Monster March
March from Balboa Park to the Gaslamp to highlight frightening facts about corruption in America’s financial and political systems

Occupy San Diego will lead a Halloween march through downtown San Diego to promote social justice, honesty, and generosity.
With costumes, street theatre, and candy, Occupy San Diego will rally at 5:00pm at the Haunted Trail Entrance in Balboa Park (6th & Juniper, just south of the Laurel Street Bridge).

March starts at 5:30pm from the Haunted Trail Entrance and will walk to the Civic Center, to Children’s Park, the Haunted Hotel, and ending in the Gaslamp Quarter.
TUESDAY, 2011-11-01
San Diego City Council Meeting
10 AM -- We must continue to demand that the city of San Diego endorse the OCCUPY SAN DIEGO protest the same why the cities of Los Angeles, Orange, San Francisco, and Irvine have done.  PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY TO GET A SEAT. We have asked them to place this on the agenda, and they have not.
We were given ONE three minute time period to talk about OCCUPY SD during public comment. In Irvine, they allowed 72 speakers and 5.5 hours to hear the concerns of the pubic, and they finally agreed to formally endorse the protest actions. SAN DIEGO MUST DO THE SAME!
SIGN PETITION TO CITY COUNCIL HERE: http://www.copswiki.org/Common/OccupySanDiego

Facebook Community Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-San-Diego/198003106936678
Facebook group page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/164668860284106/
http://occupysandiego.org/ -- (OB Rag site.)
http://occupysandiegoca.wordpress.com/ -- News
http://occupysd.weebly.com/ -- Backup website
SEND THIS LINK AND TELL OTHERS TO SUBSCRIBE: http://lists.citizensoversight.org/mailman/listinfo/occupysd

--Ray Lutz

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