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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Live Streaming Video is the Key to Accountablity

Live Streaming As Activism

Live streaming, the act of broadcasting a video to the internet in close to real time, is quickly becoming a staple tool of twenty-first century protestors. From Occupy Wall Street to the Egypt election last week to the Russian election this week, activists use cell phones as weapons of transparency: not only documenting but broadcasting events as they happen. Brooke talks to Mans Adler, founder of live streaming platform Bambuser.

from On The Media - Bambuser.com - the Sweeds are so far ahead of Hollywood.

The authorities can't confiscate your phone unless they confiscate everyone's phones, even their own, and that will destroy their own ability to communicate, rendering them useless.

News is 'interpreted' information, this is RAW TRUTH from as many perspectives as possible.

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