Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anabell Park of the Coffee Party: The Debt Distraction

"A clever and sinister way to dismantle the Roosevelt social safety-net."

What this video DOESN'T say is that the NATIONAL DEBT is borrowed from our future (AT INTEREST). It is money that we owe to ourselves, a debt we leave to our children. If we invest it wisely they win, if not they suffer, but if we don't invest well and leave them with jobs, and a working economy; if we don't invest in their education and a sustainable future, then we fail to seed their growth.

We borrowed $800-Billion (AT INTEREST) from the Federal Reserve (an international banking cartel) for the BUSH TARP, to bail out the banks that created the recession (for free, no interest, no taxes). Does that make any sense?

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