Monday, February 16, 2015


Week of Feb 10th, 2015,

Voice of San Diego's reporter, Liam Dillon, has a new three part report on the FBI investigation into SEMPRA Energy and there questionable business practices in Mexico. SEMPRA has successfully used the Federal Government to harass their Mexican competitors.

On Friday Roundtable they talked about this SEMPRA Scandal and the strange narrative that includes so much of the back-room dealing within the San Diego/Tijuana region. This is the ghost of the secret power struggles behind your energy utility and politicians.

As reported on KPBS

Voice of San Diego investigates SEMPRA and AZANO

The Politician that Gave SEMPRA Mexico

VOSD's Report on the Mexican Businessman describes

José Susumo Azano Matsura as a Goliath; 
heir to a Mexican development empire, defense contractor, 
high roller and political wheeler-dealer.

All this is part of

Sempra’s Shady Road to Dominance in Mexico

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