Tuesday, November 30, 2021

CENSORSHIP: New Twitter CEO 'NOT BOUND' By First Amendment | Breaking Po...

Revelation. You guys bury the leads, all the time. 1) Krystal Ball just said that the job of the Press has changed. That it is no longer to tell the public audience the story, but because everyone now has a voice, and everyone has limited time & attention, the job is NOW to curate, and thus filter (censor), the nearly infinite amount of information, so that they we the audience can see only what is important, true, or necessary. That is huge. Both as a revelation and a value statement.
2) Saggar said that Engineers are "not equipped to make socio-economic decisions". (He also seems to support the 1st Amendment quite Passionately, which is weird coming from a 'conservative', since they don't want to lose the power they have conserved, but the 1st Amendment was designed to distribute power). This judgement against Engineers seems informed by perhaps biased. I see no evidence that smart people can NOT be smart in more than one area of life. There are strange examples of mistakes that smart people make, see Zuckerberg, but their raw intelligence and success seem to lead to the conclusion that they can learn, even if they make mistakes. The final revelation that Saggar mentioned is "BLUE SKY", stop burying the lead. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluesky_(protocol)

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