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Sunday, April 21, 2024

A conversation with former Wikimedia CEO, Katherine Maher

This interview by 'The Atlantic Council" of Katherine Maher, who was at the time CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, is notorious for quoting her on how the goal of "equal access to knowledge" should be implemented. As Katherine became the CEO at National Public Radio in the USA, we have discovered interesting tendencies about her leadership and how she shapes such organizations to censor knowledge and information. Thanks to Racket News for the report on her 'truthyness'. 

This is a tricky subject in the age after COVID-19 where governments and big media corporations (NPR) are trying to figure out how to be 'TRUSTED' to disseminate 'true' information, such as about vaccines, and finding that the forces undermining trust in societies authorities are winning. 

Trust is earned, it's always being earned, and even one misstep can cause people to mistrust you. 
But if you are honest with yourself and your audience, you learn from mistakes, admit them, and tell everyone how you figured out you were wrong so that you and they can avoid mistakes like that in the future. 

Authoritarian Journalism is not enough for democracy, it's a kind of dictatorship. 
Framing this new authoritarian truthiness as a 'right' is a form of verbal jujitsu.
It is intended to confuse you so they can be the arbiters of truth, and reject the whistleblowers, crackpots, and anyone else who threatens the systemic order. 

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