Thursday, August 18, 2011

Class War: Verizon Hires BlackWater to Police Union Members

Here is an example of clear and concise message from "Acronym", video blog by Dennis Trainor, Jr. at .

Proof, rational people, you can rant or rave without going insane.
Do we need reform, revolution, or radical transformation?


  1. The answer to your question is “ALL OF THE ABOVE”.

    First we need a radical transformation of the people, they need to understand their own part in creating the problem. Unfortunately, you can’t force people to change, they must do so on their own. If the people driving this bus had kept it on the highway, then only a few of us aware of the cliffs ahead would be willing, but now that we are off-road, driving through the woods, more and more are becoming uncomfortable and self-motivated to change. Luckily, in a working democracy we only need 51% of the people to cause massive shifts.

    Unfortunately, due to our own laziness and lack of education, our government is no longer a democracy. There are many obstacles that can be overcome by reform. We need publicly funded elections, we need to avoid all black-box voting using paper ballots, we need to eliminate tax-loopholes for the Corporations, and we need to reinstate civics as a fundamental part of high-school education.

    The problem is that all these reforms are moot, because corporations have gained the free speech rights of people. This is not democracy. We need a revolution to reverse “Citizen’s United” (what an Orwellion reversal), and eliminate the concept of Corporate Person-hood, with a Constitutional Amendment that clearly defines our democracy as people, not corporations, and eliminates all corporate political speech, forever.

    How do we achieve this:
    There’s the rub. I think we use the internet media, to raise awareness, and combine our resources to buy up broadcast media channels from the corporations.

    Democratic Media: When Editorial Control resides in the hands of a few, they decide what they don’t want us to know, but if we design public broadcast media that allows EVERY PERSON to have access to FREE SPEECH, then allow members of the community to VOTE on what gets BROADCAST, we will change the nature of broadcast media by example.

    The key is trust. For people to believe in the information they get, they must believe that they have a say, and that their vote counts. This is not the case with the Corporate Media. We can revolutionize media, and then revolutionize our nation.

  2. Carroll G. Vinyard III it's about p(R)rotecting investments, not (D)estroying (I)nvestment...................

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